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Alma-Ata is the name of the old capital of Kazakhstan. We hail from there.
Kazakhstan is a multinational country, where many nationalities live in peace and
understanding. People there share only the best qualities with each other.

Kazakh kitchen

And Kazakh kitchen is an absolutely stunning mix of European and Asian dished.
Not a single feast can do without Kazakhstan beshbarmak, Caucasian shashlik, Uyghur
manti, Russian winter salad or Korean morkovcha and fensi.

Kazakhstan people

Any given Kazakh
person always has Ukranian borsch or Uzbek pilaf, Tatar balesh or hichiny with
greens, Ossetia pie or lentil soup with smoked ribs on their dinner table.

Kazakhstan people are welcoming and friendly. So we decided to bring a piece of
Kazakhstan to Canada.

About our hope

In our culinary shop you can find sweets and preserved vegetables from Ukraine,
Russia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, German and Russian meat products, pastry and dishes
prepared by us.
We are very happy to serve clients in our shop and we do all we can for you to enjoy
your shopping!

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